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As scuba divers, we experience what a small percentage of the world get to see first hand: the serenity of the underwater world, the feeling of weightlessness, the beauty and wonder of incredible marine life, and thrill of new lifelong friends.

This is made possible by your training and your scuba gear. And to get the most out of every dive, keeping your scuba gear serviced regularly and properly is crucial.


Scuba divers understand the need to keep their scuba equipment serviced regularly and professionally. They want to have confidence that their life support system is properly maintained and serviced by factory authorized technicans and parts.

At SGS, we only untiize manufacturer approved parts, lubricants, cleaning solutions, and methods. After servicing, we utilize some of the most state-of-the-art technology for testing to ensure the equipment is functioning properly and at manufacturer’s specifications.

Our goal is to get your equipment serviced and back to you within 7 days upon receipt (plus shipping time and parts availability).  However, if you are in a hurry and need faster turnaround, we do offer Express Service.

Express Service is 2 days upon receipt plus shipping time and based on parts availability.  Express Service requests will be contacted directly.

The Express Service fee will be added to any shipping and/or delivery fees.

Express Service


Upon arrival your regulator is inspected and tested to establish a baseline prior to any repairs.  Our advanced testing equipment allows us to compare your regulator with the manufacturers specifications and helps to identify underlying problems.  After servicing is completed, a post-test is conducted wth the results compared to the manufacturer’s specifications.  Post-test results are documented and a copy of the Repair Report is provided to you.

Brands serviced:

Aqualung Poseidon
Apeks Scubapro
Atomic Sherwood
Hollis TUSA
Mares XS Scuba
Oceanic Zeagle


Sample Regulator Report


Why do I need to service my BC and how often?  We are taught to maintain our BCs by rinsing thoroughly after every dive, drain any excess water from the bladder, and to inflate slightly for storage.

But even if you do this faithfully, it is still recommended to have your BC serviced annually with your regulators.  Small amounts of sand/salt in the dump values can cause the BC to leak air!  Small amounts of debris/salt buildup in the inflator can cause it to leak air into the BC, auto-inflating the BC!  Both conditions compromise your buoyancy and put you at risk!

Our annual BC service includes:  servicing power inflator, cleaning the interior bladder, inspecting all dump valves and releases, and checking for leaks.

Atomic BC2

Dive Computers

Dive computers provide and store vital information allowing the diver to remain safe and in control.  Therefore, it is critical to maintain your dive computer.  Services available are

  • Battery Replacement
  • Leak Testing
  • Function Testing

For Leak and Function testing, we use a custom “dive pressure chamber” that allows us to submerge the computer in water and simulate various depths.  This custom chamber allows us to activate the buttons while submerged and at depth to fully test the computer’s operation!


Scuba Tanks

Scuba tanks, like all cylinders that contain compressed gas, fall under OSHA/DOT regulations and as such are to be visually inspected annually and hydrostaticlly tested every 5 years.

We offer the following services:

  • Visual Inspections
  • Hydrostatic testing
  • Eddy testing
  • Cylinder valve service
Scuba Tanks


While we do not pay for shipping, we do our best to make the experience easy and the cost low and predictable.  SGS provides a number of choices.

We Supply The Box

When we supply the box, SGS sends a box (with packing material and label) directly to your door. Just pack up your item(s) and drop off at any FedEx location or simply call FedEx for pick up.

Cost to include shipping the item(s) back after service is complete.

You Suppy The Box

When you supply the box, SGS emails a FedEx label directly to you. You provide the box and packaging. Once packed, drop off at any FedEx location or simply call FedEx for pick up.

Cost to include shipping the item(s) back after service is complete.

You Handle Shipping

You will handle shipping of the your equipment.


If you reside locally, arrangements may be possible to pick-up and drop-off your equipment at an agreed upon location.

Note: this option is required if order includes scuba tanks requiring service.

If you are looking to service multiple regulators, BCs, etc., we will contact you to to discuss the optimal, cost effective shipping method.