Why Scuba Gear Service LLC

Owned and operated by Rob Hancock, who has over twenty-eight years servicing scuba equipment, Scuba Gear Service LLC (SGS) is a first-class repair facility in the Houston area.

SGS inspects and services:

  • Regulators
  • BCs
  • Dive Computers
  • Scuba Cylinders (including hydrostatic testing)

We have the technology and experience to produce the best results!

Advanced Testing

The responsibility of the technician is to renew/restore the regulator to OEM specifications.

Basic static testing does not provide the complete picture of the regulator’s performance.  Going beyond the basic “static testing” methods is the only way to ensure the regulator is adjusted for optimum performance.  This requires dynamic testing – checking and documenting the performance of the regulator at different flow levels.

We utilize a PC based flow test stand, A.I.R. Flow Test Stand, that is designed to test diving regulators under both static and dynamic conditions. In addition to the standard “static tests” for cracking effort and intermediate pressure, the “dynamic performance” of the complete regulator (first and second stage) can be automatically monitored, recorded and logged while the regulator is supplying air at varying flow rates. These dynamic tests are important on modern regulators that utilize venturi assists as part of the overall work of breathing. With a thorough knowledge of regulator adjustment logic, we can interpret these results and provide the correct solution to keep your regulator operating at peak performance.



AIR Flow Technology
Dynamic Flow Testing
Static Flow Testing
Assembly Area
Cleaning Area
Digital Microscope


Our goal is to provide top quality and professional service for your scuba gear while making it as easy as possible to get your scuba gear to us and back.  Therefore, we offer you multiple shipping options and EXPRESS SERVICE catered to your specific need, location, and timeframe.

Options Available
  • You ship to us using the box, packing materials, and shipping label we provide.  The cost also includes the return shipment.
  • You ship to us using your own box and packing materials.  We will email you the FedEx shipping label.  The cost also includes the return shipment,
  • If you are local, arrangements may be possible to pick-up and drop-off your equipment at an agreed upon location.
  • EXPRESS SERVICE if you need your scuba gear serviced quickly.

What you can’t see – can make a difference!

Even though you take care of your scuba gear and it looks to be in good condition, you still need to have it inspected and serviced.  The outside may not show any signs of wear and tear, but the inside can tell a different story.

Inside 1st Stage
Inside 2nd Stage